Shisha, Chicha, Sheesha, Schischa, Wasserpfeife, Nargili, Nargile oder Hookah.

Hello fellow hookah lovers!

We are a young team, who love the smoking culture and are fans of hookahs ourselves.


Shisha Online Shop Luxembourg

First of all, we would like to express our enthusiasm and how excited we are to be able to create this path. Hookahs and accessories for Luxembourg.

We would like to be the online shop for hookahs & accessories of your trust.

We created an online shop just for you and are momentary entering the goods.

More and more tobacco, hookahs, accessories and other goods will be offered.

Unfortunately, due to the Luxembourgish law, it is not allowed to sell hookah tobacco via a website. But no worries, we have goods and tobacco in our shop in Ettelbruck!

To find our website and address, just click here:

Are you looking for hookah products that suits you and your lifestyle?

Turn your hookah enjoyment at home to your image!

Buying hookahs is definitely not easy, since it tells a lot about you and with every single one you will have your own story. It becomes an eye-catcher in many homes and in the end, it brings your taste to the point in front of guests, family members, friends and visitors.

The good thing is, is that we want to provide you every taste and we will work hard with everything the hookah world has to offer.

In other words, we support you with a wide range of different products in our online shop.

We are starting off small, so we kindly ask you to have a bit of patience.

We want to grow together with you. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

There we will always start surveys because we want to base our decisions off of your interests!



We want to surprise you at least once a month with a new product online.


Below is a list of products that we currently have in our shop.

For example:

Hookah, tobacco, auto-ignition, coconut charcoal, heads, clay head, stone head, block funnel, glass head, bowl, hose, hoses, mouthpiece, igniter, electric, gas, quick igniter, head sets, chimney head, phunnel, outdoor hookah, hygienic mouthpiece, aluminum foil, storage, seals, diffuser, spare parts, bend protection, brush, cleansing, hose adapter, molasse catcher, charcoal pans, baskets, hose adapters, bags, transport, valve ball, thongs, windbreak, outdoor equipment, smoke columns, replacement glasses, replacement bowl, LED Coaster, merchandise and accessories

Your #1 shisha online shop in Luxembourg!

We want to offer you everything the hookah lover’s heart desires.

With our online shop we will offer you an extensive range with various waterpipes, hookahs, accessories, charcoal, mouthpieces, hoses and much more accessories.

Because the accessory makes your shisha a unique one that reflects your taste and wants to be seen.

We want to offer you as many products from various manufacturers as possible and we will do our best to do so. Of course, at reasonable prices.

If you’re missing something, feel free to write us on Instagram and Facebook, or simply use our contact form:

If something is missing or if you have any requests or wishes, please send us a message and we will do our best to get it for you!

Together with you, we want to change the hookah scene in Luxembourg!

Join us and help us to help you.

Wide choice

Quality control

Fast delivery

Special offers


The question of all questions! Of course we want to help you out with that.

Hookahs are available in various materials, designs, finishes, accessory packages and the price is not limited to the top …

The decision about which hookah is the right one for you depends on how much you would like to spend and in what color you like it the most.

Have a look around you and if you have any questions, please write us.

We will guide you as best as we can and we will help you with every single question you have.


It is believed that the origin of the hookah is in ancient Iran or northern India.

But as we know the hookah today, it probably originated in the Persian Empire of the 15th or 16th century. A great community culture developed, which is still alive today and is gradually growing. It is now a part of many cultures, especially in the Arab and Indian worlds. To this day, smoking hookah together is considered a symbol of hospitality.

Whether shisha, sheesha, shisha, waterpipe, nargili, nargile or hookah!

With all of this, one of the now most popular and today hardly unimaginable smoking culture of the world has emerged. Whether outdoors, at and with your bros, bratans and bratinas, various occasions or in a hookah bar. The Hookah has conquered all our hearts.


Benefit from our wide selection and many advantages.

Not only are the shipping costs in Luxembourg from orders value of 75€ removed, no!

We ship quickly and each parcel gets its own tracking number, so you always know where your parcel is and when it is going to arrive!

Otherwise, you only pay 3€ for shipping in Luxembourg.

When shopping online, you save yourself from long trips to distant shops, stress and traffic jams.

Hookah smoking is not a hobby for the weekend anymore. It is an attitude of life and a pleasure that relaxes and is easing.

In addition, with the beautiful designs, every hookah is now an absolute worth seeing decoration in every home.

Fast and safe delivery.

Shisha online shop Luxembourg delivers well packed and fast by DPD within Luxembourg and other countries on request. From an order value of 75,- Euro, the shipping costs for deliveries within Luxembourg are removed.

You will not believe how fast your package will get to you!

Every day, around 10 AM the parcels leave our shop and are usually after a maximum of 1-2 days at your door.

If you have any questions about your order, we are always at your disposal from Monday to Saturday from 10:00 AM to 5:00 PM by phone at +352 26 81 00 48 or by e-mail at

We hope to be able to contribute some of the change. WITH YOU.


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